Shot, edited and uploaded in just three days. Fun project for up and coming band B.O.X.E.R.

B.O.X.E.R. is Anna Maria Nemetz, Jan Ole Jönsson and Carl Jakob Haupt.

Dancers: Pascal Schmidt &Yehor Hordiyenko
Fighter: David Marcina & Dennis Fok
Director: Kai Klinke
DoP: Neels Feil
Gaffer: Gunnar Pepper
Spark: Sonny Fels
Focuspuller: Leon Hüppauf
CD: Hedi Xandt
Styling: Nina Petters
Haare & Make-up: Patrick Glatthaar

First in a series. This bit was shown in theatres before "Shades of grey".

Production company: Rebel Productions

Documentary, Trailer & Teaser directed for LLR & Vodafone.
Production company: Markenfilm Crossing

Shot & Directed for Markenfilm Crossing and LLR