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Directed and shot in Barcelona for Rebel Productions. Please send me a message for password information.

And I love them as well. Great three deys with the DONOTS on various locations. All improvised, all fun...

Shot and directed in Ibiza for Wiethe Kommunikativ

Mustang Jeans::London Fall::Director´s Cut from Stylesnacks on Vimeo.

We went to London for production company Wiethe Objektiv, to shoot Mustang Jeans autumn/winter collection 2012/13. The movie was shoot on sadly slowly dying 16mm film by DOP Neels Feil.

This is my director´s cut of the original three minute showroom movie.

Please buy Billy Bragg music at: itunes.apple.com/us/artist/billy-bragg/id163251

Met these guys through a friend and decided I´d like to tell their story.

Shot together with Neels Feil.

Post by Christian Steidten, sound by Lars Ohlendorf.

Following my friends at Lichtfaktor on a lightpainting tour in Cologne.

Shot and directed for the Wiethe Group in all of their branches, including Hamburg, Bremen and Georgemaryhood (for the ones in the know).

Mercedes-Benz - Shiftography from Stylesnacks on Vimeo.

DC with altered music, using the theme of "Get Carter".

To show that it is on hand to make light work of hard tasks, we developed the
first ever font to be generated from real gear change manoeuvres: Shiftography.
To generate the font, we tracked the gear change manoeuvres during a courier
driver’s night shift. A complete
alphabet was created from the various gear changes.

Agency: Lukas Lindemann Rosinski GmbH
Production: Markenfilm Crossing

We visited our friends at Garage11 and took some pictures of their beautiful car collection.

Ein Besuch bei Sven Wiesner und seinem einzigartigen Käfer::A visit to Sven Wiesner and his strangely beautiful VW Beetle creation

For more information visit der-rostkaefer.de

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